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Using Tom Tom Plus Services with a Tom Tom One in the USA

I was lucky enough to receive a Tom Tom One GPS as a Christmas present this year (2006). Being an extreme commuter (I drive 1 hour and 45 minutes one way to get to work) I became very interested in the live traffic services that I could subscribe to via the Tom Tom Plus service. In order to use the services, you need a cell phone with both blue tooth and internet connectivity. My first attempt was to pair with my Blackberry 8700. Unfortunately, the Tom Tom reported back that the Blackberry did not have the required functions for accessing the service.

I spend a good deal of time searching both the Tom Tom support site, and other internet sites to see if I could find the right combination of phone and service to allow me to take advantage of the Plus services. I actually prefer to use Cingular as the signal is very good in the area I live in. I used Cingular's online "chat with a live support agent" function from their web site and asked what package I need to subscribe to in order to use the Tom Tom Plus services. The response, after 5 minutes of waiting was "Cingular does not support that device". Gee thanks, big help! I continued searching various GPS related sites and forums. I found plenty of information on who to use and how to get it all setup, unfortunately, all of the information I found was related to its use in the UK with local cell service providers.

As my search continued, I began to glean little bits of knowledge here and there. Once I put enough of the bits together, I has a reasonable guess at what would be required to get it working. My guess was right. So I pass this information on to anyone else who may be looking for the same answers.

This is the working combination that I found