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Obese Armadillo Software presents Ping-O-Meter
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Program Description

Obese Armadillo Software Presents Ping-O-Meter. Ping-O-Meter is a 32 bit Windows ping client. It reports transport times and averages in an easy to read graphical format. Keep an eye on your machines with Ping-O-Meter from Obese Armadillo Software.

Software Features

  • Graphical Meter representing the round trip time for a 32 bit packet
  • Average Meter
  • User configurable gauge zones
  • Hints
  • User Friendly Interface
  • LED type displays for additional information
  • Self Extracting Installation
  • Automatic Un-Install
  • Minimizze to the system tray
  • User can define the size of the payload
  • User can set the frequency of the pings
  • Variable Scale
  • Host Memory maintains list of 10 addresses
  • Zone memory - maintains settings between execution